Colour Blocking Colour blocking is the hottest trend right now as it opens up a whole new perspective about colour in a space. If you’re hesitant about taking the plunge to paint your rooms or even one wall with a vibrant hue, colour blocking – painting one or two colours in varying-sized ‘blocks’ on a wall – offers you a safe option. The technique is commonly referred to as adding a “punch” colour because of its ability to bring an extreme colour spark to your décor without being overwhelming. Also, you can create horizontal movement by painting the base of a wall a different colour. Or extend the line of a low table by painting a different colour zone from the top of the table up to the ceiling. With the right combination of colours, colour zoning can even take the place of artwork. Let your imagination run wild; the possibilities of colour zoning are endless!
Cool Tip To enhance an interesting architectural element, paint it a contrasting colour.
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