Is there an order to painting a room? Painting a room in the correct order will save time and cost . Begin with the ceilings (1), walls (2) (1 & 2 usually being water-based paints only), doors & windows (3)  How to choose type of paint? For walls & ceilings, water based paints called Emulsions ( usually referred to as Latex or Plastic Paints by painters) are recommended. You can choose the type of paint depending on the final finish ( matt, mid-sheen, high sheen) and other functional benefits ( washability, fungus resistance, high reflectance )desired. click here for more details For metal surfaces, solvent based paints called enamels ( usually referred to as gloss) are recommended. Within enamels, there are choice of paints with varying sheen level & functional benefits. click here for more details For wood surfaces, you have a choice of ‘transparent’ finish and ‘opaque finish’. The former is recommended, if you are keen on retaining the natural look of wood. click here for more details  Use of brush versus roller Follow the instructions given by the paint manufacturer at the back of the can. For water based paint application on walls & ceilings : Usually, brush application is done followed by roller for a smooth and even finish. For solvent based paints being applied on metal & wood surfaces, brush or spray application is done as recommended by the manufacturer. For pattern finishes like Dulux Duette, special rollers need to be used for specific effect, as recommended by the manufacturer.  How to choose the right colour for my home? A great way to begin is to see different combinations of paint colors of your choice. When choosing interior color schemes you will need to take into account all aspects of your current and future decorating styles. From the flooring materials to your furnishings all colors and textures will affect the possible choices and the final outcome of your interior design. click here for more details  When is it a good time to paint? For exteriors the good time to paint is when the weather is pleasant, without risk of high humidity and rain on the horizon. It is best to avoid painting, in extreme temperatures & humid conditions. For interiors, although there are no such restrictions – an ambient temperature in-home and outside is preferable. It is best to have some ventilation during and immediately after painting in order to dissipate fumes and it also helps with drying.  Is there a recommended time to wait before painting a newly built house or newly plastered wall ? There is no fixed recommended time to wait before painting on fresh plastered walls. As long as the walls are dry and fully cured one can paint it. To reconfirm get professional help.  Why do hairline cracks appear ? The development of small cracks on inside plaster walls and ceilings is not unusual and is normally the result of movement of the building. However large cracks that appear to be getting wider should be investigated by a professional.
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