Illusion Of Space Colours can serve to alter the apparent dimensions of a room. Warm colours (those with a yellow tint) make surfaces appear closer together, while cool ones (with a blue tint) seem to spread them apart. Bright colours make a room look bigger, while dark ones seem to shrink it. Here are a few examples of how this principle can be applied to interior design. Light colours increase luminosity and make a room seem bigger. This effect is further enhanced by the use of cool colours. Select light, soft colours like off-whites and pastels to give a breezier, more spacious finish to a room.
Cool Tip To modify the appearance of a long, narrow room or a corridor, paint the shorter walls a dark (and warm) colour and the longer walls a light (and cool) colour.
Dark colours make a room seem to shrink. Dark colours absorb more light and make the room look smaller. A warm colour boosts this effect, making the walls seem closer while creating an intimate, cozy setting.
To make the ceiling appear lower, apply a darker colour than that of the walls. You can also achieve this effect by painting the top few inches of the wall the same colour as the ceiling.
You can make the ceiling appear higher  by painting it a lighter colour than that of the walls.
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