Surface Preparation

It is important to properly primer your wall surfaces before actual painting. Hence, we offer only the best primers, sealers and undercoats to you!
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Emulsion Paints

Utilizing the latest breakthrough in paint technology, Protall offers the best paint products to bring the best out of your home!
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Alkyd Paints

Our high quality synthetic paints assure superior hiding, topcoat appearance and long-lasting results.
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Architectural Paints

Specially formulated to protect your home against the elements, our exterior paints help to protect against dirt, fading, and chalking.
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Our quality, highly concentrated colorants have been the market benchmark for over 35 years. 
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Special Paints

From stunning multi color paints to paint-on-wet selaing paints, Protall offers a variety of specialized and custom designed products.
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Wood Paints

Bring the natural beauty of wood grains to life with Protall wood Paints. Our wood paint adds colour while enhancing the natural grain of the wood.
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Industrial Paints

Our Industrial Products respond to requirements of both large and small industrial manufacturers.
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We have a paint for your every need
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A wide variety of general use and specialized adhesives for residential or commercial use offer top quality performance.
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