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Quality, Health, Enviroment & Safety Policy
We are totally committed to quality and in providing a safe, conducive work environment for all persons working directly or indirectly for the organization. In the course of our business, we are committed to maintaining a balance between the organization's business needs, environmental concerns of society and occupational safety and health obligations; particularly in the prevention of pollution, injury, ill health and exposure to hazards. Through our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (QEHS), we seek to ensure continual improvement in all our processes and to comply with local quality, environmental, occupational health and safety legal and other requirements. The entire workforce at Protall will continue to work together in setting and implementing, QEHS objectives, targets and programs that are regularly reviewed and communicated to the relevant functions. The QEHS policy is communicated to all persons working directly or indirectly for the organisation and is available to interested parties.
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